Thursday, October 29, 2009

Goldilocks in third person

Once upon a time deep in the woods there lived a village and in that village there lived a family. There was a daughter named goldilocks who was in that family and she had a mother and a father who lived with her.

One morning she decided to go pick some berries for her mother because her mother was getting tired of doing the washing that morning and needed something to eat. Goldilocks loved berries and so did her mother. Her father was at work and so she had nothing to do but pick berries. She asked her mother if she could leave to pick the berries and her mother said yes but that she has to be careful because there have been some earthquakes around the village just recently and that she doesn’t want her to get hurt. Goldilocks was aware of the earthquake but she took her chances and she headed in to the woods.

She followed this gravel path. It was starting to get darker as she walked further into the woods. And the path started to end. The gravel was no longer under her feet so she was now walking on dirt. She found some berry bushes next to this big house she got no berries because she remembered that it wasn’t berry season. She started to hear three growls so she hid in the bushes and waited for the growling to stop. The house she was getting the berries from was apparently the house of three bears. She took a big gulp and waited for them to leave. The front door started to creek open and the first bear came out. He was a big bear that looked as if he was a father and then holding his paw was a medium sized bear who looked like a female because in what she was wearing and then holding her paw was a very small bear it all came together when they came out because in what they were doing they were all a family.
When they were out of sight she quickly dashed into the house for a little nosy in their lifestyle. First she came to a table and there were three bowls sitting on top. The bowls were full of porridge hot steamy porridge. She decided to leave them alone because she didn’t want the bears to think that she ate it all up. So she moved on from the porridge and went into what seemed to be the lounge. There were three chairs in the lounge a big one a medium sized one and a small one. They were all lined up next to each other facing the T.V and close to the fire above the fire was picture of bears fishing at the creek not far from where she was.” This is so cool I have never seen a lounge like this before “, said Goldilocks. Id better take a picture. But all of a sudden the ground began to shake everything was starting to move.

Goldilocks needed something to protect her from anything falling on her like the picture hanging above the fireplace. So she decided to use one of the chairs the big on was her first choice and so she tried to pick it up but it was too heavy, so she tried the next chair which was the medium one but it was too big, so she tried the small one and it was just right but before she could pick it up high enough to cover her head the picture that was hanging over fireplace fell down on to the small chair Goldilocks was holding and broke it. The earthquake was still going so she stood under the doorway between the kitchen and lounge and the bowls of porridge were starting to move and were about to tip off the table. So she quickly managed to get the big bowl first before it tipped of the table and she caught it and put it back on but it did spill a little bit.

Then she got the medium sized bowl quickly before it tipped off and she put it back on the table but it had spilled a bit too and as she was about to get the small bowl she caught it but all the food fell out while the earthquake was on she cleaned up the food.
As she made a run for it into the lounge she saw some stairs and run up them into another room for protection. She went into a bedroom where there were three beds, she tried to hide under the covers of the blankets in the first bed but the blankets were too thin to protect her. So she tried the next bed and hid under the covers of the blanket but the covers were too tight she couldn’t pull them over her. So she ran to the next one and this time the bed was by the wall and it was close to the window, to the side of the window was a painting of another family of bears eating raspberries. The painting caught her eye so she stood there for a moment but then her legs started shaking and she realized the earthquake was still on she hid under the covers of the third bed and then the earthquake stopped. She was about to get up and leave until the painting by the bed started to wobble unbalanced and fell onto her head.

The painting knocked her out and she fell unconscious onto the bed. As she was sleeping the three bears just entered the house. And as they entered the house they noticed the bowls of missing porridge.” Where has most of my porridge gone?“ said papa bear,” it could have fallen out because of the earthquake “ said mama bear,” but where’s my porridge, it’s all gone?” said baby bear.” “And if the porridge fell out then where has it gone? “Said Mama Bear. They were so stressed they went into the lounge to have a sit on the chairs.” Mum my chairs broken “said baby bear.” The earthquake must have done some damage, but we’ll get it fixed tomorrow.” Ok “said baby bear. They went to go to bed” I can smell a human “said papa bear” same “said mama bear” I know why we can smell a human, because there’s a girl in my bed. Goldilocks woke up to two bears growling at her even though they didn’t mean to hurt her she got up screaming and jumped out the window.

The end

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