Monday, October 19, 2009

Goldilocks and the three bears

It was a peaceful morning my mum was doing the washing and my dad was at his work. I was bored so I asked my mum if I could go to the woods to get some berries for my lunch I was hungry and we had nothing for us to eat. My mum said yes so I grabbed the berry container and left. I could hear the gravel from the path scrunching underneath my feet as I was skipping. It started to get darker the trees were tall and bushy so they covered the light from coming through.

I noticed the path was starting to end so I stopped skipping and started to quietly walk after a while I could still feel the gravel from underneath me. As I was walking I started to hear bears through the distance and they started to get closer so I hid in the bush and waited for them to be out of sight. I was on my knees with both hands on the ground. Once they were out of sight I noticed the house they came out of. I have never ever seen bears living in a house before so I wanted to go inside to see how the house is.

I got out of the bush and walked up to the front door and went to turn the hand but it was locked. I wondered where they would have put it so I checked under their door mat and I found the key s and unlocked the door. The first thing I saw was a table and on the table I saw three bowls of porridge. My tummy grumbled so I knew I was hungry. I thought that if I had one taste of the porridge made by bears they wouldn’t notice so that’s what I did.

I tried the first bowl of porridge “hot, hot this I way to hot!” I said so I tried the next bowl of porridge “yuck, this is way too cold” I said so I tried the third and last bowl “mmm, just right” I said. And I ate it all up. “ uh, oh I’m so full maybe I should sit down” I said and I walked into the next room which seemed to be the lounge . There were three chairs sitting by the wall facing the T.V I sat on the first chair but it was way to high, so I tried the second chair but it was way too short and uncomfortable so I tried the third and last chair and it was just right. Suddenly there was an earth quake and I think the pressure from my weight caused the chair to brake.

I was so angry and worried I just needed to relax to get all the stress away. “Maybe a nice sleep will help” I thought I walked upstairs and found a room with three beds. I tried the first one “this is soo uncomfortable Im not going to rest in this bed” I thought so I got off the bed and tried the next one “this is to uncomfortable too” I thought again so I tried the last one and It was just right. After 5 minutes I fell asleep. “What the” I thought I started to hear very close growls of bears that woke me up. There were three bears around the side of the bed looking down at me they looked like they were about to attack me so I got up and jumped out the window climbed down the roof cause I was on the second story and ran back home. They didn’t chase me but they did growl outside the window. When I made it home mum asked me if I had any berries and I told her there weren’t any. Now I know never to go to the bear’s house for food, a relaxation, and a sleep.
The end

From Anahera

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  1. Hi Anahera, that's a good start, could you improve the structure of the paragraphs to make it an even better read? MM